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Reigntime: Book One in the Reigntime Series

Reigntime Glossary

It is recommended this is read AFTER Reigntime, as there are spoilers!

Sneak Peek...

The Reigntime was the Awakening.

     The earth was still. The earth was silent. It was lifeless.

     The Reigntime awoke the earth from her slumber. Creàtrix gave rise to the Reigntime creatures, bringing them forth from the land. They travelled across the terrain, using their magic to shape the landscape and create flora, fauna and the seasons as Creàtrix instructed. They gave rise to volcanoes, caves, mountains and valleys. On one particular land mass, depressions were made, and these became billabongs, rivers, lakes, and gullies. The earth moved with the Reigntime creatures as they created the rainforests, sclerophyll forests, the bushland and the scrub. The outback was formed.

     The earth rumbled and cracked from the Reigntime creatures. Flowers bloomed, animals took their first breath and the dirt turned red. Coral reefs were breathed life, caves were carved and given shape, and the mighty red mountain ranges were born from the ground. Creàtrix watched as the sun rose over the horizon and brought warmth and light to this new world. This living world.

     The Reigntime created this earth and the earth created us.

     The soul can never be destroyed; we rose from the earth, and in death we shall return—everything is connected, all is one.

     The Reigntime was the Awakening.

     The rising light of the sun continues to illuminate our sunburnt country and every land mass of the world. She brings continuity to our ever-changing earth, and reminds us of our ancestral relationship with the land. We have as much possession over the sun as we do the rivers, trees, rocks, sky or mountains. We are all a part of her. We rose from the earth in the Awakening and to her we will return. To our land. To our home.

     The Reigntime was the Awakening.

     The Awakening of life, of death, of Reigntime creatures, humans and the earth.

     The Reigntime, for this particular tale, was the Awakening of Australia...

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