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Starlit: Book Two in the Reigntime Series

Starlit Glossary

It is recommended this is read AFTER Starlit, as there are spoilers!

Sneak Peek...

The Elfmé are ubiquitous, ever-flowing, and organic. They are filled with life and emotions, and tied closely to our planet. They whisper through the wind, the streams, the red dust, and the trees. The Elfmé were created as sanctuaries for a select few of Creàtrix’s memories...

     The physical bodies keep the memories disguised—for dangerous things exist within the confines of our Mother Creator’s mind.

     Each memory weaves and flows through its body, like a constant port—as each elf was created as a home for the thought. Like the earth for all living things, the Elfmé act as a refuge for these most guarded memories. Creàtrix’s hidden thoughts exist as long as the Elfmé survive; for if an elf should die, the memory would perish alongside.

     The Elfmé are immortal, yet neither creator, nor non-creator being—the only exceptions within our kind. No Reigntime creature knows the truth of what they hide from Creàtrix’s mind. Upon transference to their physical homes, our Mother Creator forgot them, for there are those among us who would take them for their own.

     Creàtrix knew that certain thoughts were not safe when minds can be read, so thought it better to hide them from all—the Elfmé and herself included—instead.

     Yet, truth be told, there is one other who knows what it is the Elfmé are; who, as the Elfmé were created, watched on from afar. They were discovered, and punished for doing so, yet were allowed to retain the knowledge they were unwittingly bestowed. For Creàtrix, though angry, considered it wise to have one other know the reason behind each elf life; and another to fear that if an elf is killed, the memory will have vanished—to forever disappear.

     Now an elf has been destroyed—but which memory is no more? Was it a story, a belief, a creation, a cure? For Creàtrix cannot recall what has now been lost. Ended. Erased. Forgotten… and at what cost?

     Darkness is coming, and we will be going to war. What if that elf was a secret that could have saved us all?

     And now I ask myself, could I have stopped it? Could I have known?

     For I was the one who watched on all those years ago…

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