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Aussie Slang Translations throughout Reigntime & Starlit


Triple Zero (000)


HR Holden

Massive Dirty/ Dirty


No Worries



Blood Pressure


Football as in either rugby league, or rugby union. In the case of my book, they’re referring to rugby league, which is mostly played in Australia.

Note: we call English football (i.e. the sport David Beckham is famous for) soccer.

The emergency number to call for police, ambulance, fire brigade. Our equivalent of 911.

Provisional driver. First you are a learner, then a red P-plater, green P-plater, then you’re granted your full license. There are tests for each driving competence level and all must be completed to obtain your full license. Red and green P-platers—especially males—have the highest rate of accidents.

A Holden is a make of car, an HR is the model.

A ‘dirty’ is a glare. For example, looking daggers, or glaring at someone with hatred.

Short for breakfast.

No problem/you’re welcome/sure/acknowledgement.

Smoko is morning/afternoon tea, derived from a smoking break.

Flummery is either oatmeal/flour boiled with water until thick, or custard/any dish made of flour, milk, eggs, sugar, etc. (also complete nonsense).


A term used to describe someone who stuffs themselves to bursting with food/will eat anything and everything.

"Going" is interchangeable with "doing".

Quick/to do something quickly.

Really need to go to the toilet.

In hospitals, blood pressure monitors are larger than household ones, and are on wheels (see photo below for example).


Garbage Guts

How you going?/

How's she going?

Quick smart

I'm busting

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