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Short Stories


I tend to have a multitude of thoughts and characters running through my mind all the time, so I decided that instead of dismissing them, as I usually do, I would bring them to life in short stories. I don't have enough 'mass' to write an entire book based on any of these characters, but these snippets of their lives were entertaining, important and necessary for me to write. I hope you enjoy getting to know them. 


Click on the pictures or headings for the free PDF versions!

I wrote this story for my mum, but it came to life as I was sitting in Maroochydore airport, waiting for my flight to Sydney. I was bouncing my foot up and down, nervous, when a character popped into my head. I imagined scenes of banter all the way home... 

I wrote Souls for my best friend. Some of the details may be lost on readers, as it's very personal, but I think it's a beautiful story. It was a small gift to say thank you for everything. Love you Suzie.

This was the first short story that I wrote. The themes are very important to me, but may be a little confronting for some.

Wingman was inspired by one of my best friends (who is also the creative genius behind this website), Jamie. I wrote it from the POV of what I imagined his alter ego to be. One for the boys!

A little while ago my mum mentioned a story I'd written for my HSC, saying how much she'd enjoyed it. After a lot of digging, I actually found the hard copy in a pile of old papers under my bed. I've re-written it, but the storyline is excatly the same. I hope you enjoy it too!  

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