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The Tea Towel One

So, being rather computer illiterate, I am attempting to start a blog—this shall be interesting.


Mostly, it’s because I feel that there are thoughts in my head, that if voiced out loud, would be the catalyst to me owning ten cats. Also, the prospect of my friends calling me a bloody wombat seems highly probable. Although, I really don’t see the intended insult, as wombats are 1. super cute, 2. can run ridiculously fast for something that resembles a tree stump, and, 3. weigh about a tonne (not really) and if you are unfortunate enough to run over one, your car will invariably be worse off than the wombat. And they will usually be dead.


Anyway, after going off on that tangent, the digital interfacing world seems a lot less daunting and hopefully my thoughts will be more openly received.


So, tea towels.


Now, the ones that look and feel like miniature bath/beach towels, they’re great. I have nothing against them, and in fact, they’re more commonly referred to as hand towels. BUT the ones that look and feel like tablecloths, frankly, suck balls. I really feel as though they just push the water from one side of whatever you are trying to dry, to the other. Their absorbency factor is basically nil, and would seem to be positively correlated with their decorativeness.


And these are the popular ones!?!


They draw us in with their pretty floral patterns, or their native bird prints, or their white lace crocheted crap around the edges and we fall for it every time! I, too, am guilty of the tea towel charm... I actually have one with a Labrador puppy looking so adorable you couldn’t possibly get mad at it even though it’s digging up a bed of daisies. But I don’t actually USE it. It’s purely for aesthetics. Also, my grandma bought it for me. My clothes have a higher absorbency factor than that tea towel and are frequently my go-to hand drying item of choice.


So why do we use them? Why do they continue to bewitch us with their quintessential, albeit useless, tea toweliness?

I make this promise to you, readers. In all of my writing, none of my characters will ever use a decorative tea towel, but will embrace the lovable rogue, the dark horse of the tea towel world—the hand towel.

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